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AD Architectural and Interior Design Ltd
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AD Architectural and Interior Design Limited is an architecture and interior design firm, set up to provide a creative platform for architecture and interior design concept.

To produce a three-dimensional modern design, and to meet requirements for living space, from design concept, final design, construction, completion. For office design, residential design, store design, showroom design, design and construction, ensure a perfect design effect.

AD Design is design-oriented, integrate the living space into the design. Quality and precise plans, professional design, twenty years of professional experience, to supervise each project until completion. For office, shops, residential and other living space, ideal to show up, from concept, drawing, project budget, choice of materials, construction and project management to ensure the successful completion of the project design, so that each design can show the faces of the future living space.

Architecture and interior design is art. When design integrate into life, the design reflect signature of personal taste, each spatial design is an art work of 3-D space and the art of dissolving architecture and interior design into life and living.

Including, large-scale architectural design, arcades design, commercial shops, offices, exhibition halls, home villas, small residential projects, and so on ....... each project is unique in design. Through the distinct of spatial arrangement, each design would just like an artwork, create ideal living space in the city.